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Kalium Muriaticum (No. 4)

Inflammation / Mucosa Remedy

Kali. Mur (Potassium Chloride) – KCl
The salt for Mucous Membranes
Potassium Chloride is a component of almost every cell in the body and stands in connection with the fibrous substance (connective tissue) It is helpful in inflammations of the mucous membranes e.g. colitis, cystitis, gastritis, bronchitis and rhinitis. It helps especially in the second phase of inflammations when the diseases manifests with clear symptoms like exudates.
Where It Works :           
Against bronchitis, stuffy nose; rashes (eczema) with a white, mealy coating; inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis), intestinal lining (colitis), conjunctivitis, bursitis, arthritis, and all inflammation accompanied by fever; as a secondary remedy following Ferrum Phosphoricum in treating colds, injuries and inflammation. Tonsillitis, measles, mumps, hoarseness, whooping cough and pneumonia; hearing problems or deafness due to chronic ear infection; eye infections; swollen joints, rheumatism, pains only when moving or deterioration through movement, gout; chronic bladder and kidney infections.

Supports medical treatment of first and second-degree burns, tendon sheath inflammation, shingles, and St. Anthony’s fire (erysipelas).
Visual Analysis :           

In General: in colds, thick, whitish-grey phlegm may be coughed up.

Face: the face has a generally bluish, milky appearance, as though it has been painted with milk, especially on the middle parts of the nose and cheeks; the face resembles an alabaster statue; the upper and lower eyelids appear milky, and partly discoloured a bluish-red.

Tongue: has a (sometimes thick) white coating.

Dosage & how to take:           
Infants:one tablet (dissolved into a mash with a small amount of water and applied on the lips) once or twice a day

Children aged 2 to 8:2 tablet two to three times a day.

Children aged 9 to 13:3 tablet three times a day.

Adults:4 tablets three to four times a day.

Children and adults keep the tablets in the mouth until they have dissolved. This allows the active ingredient to be completely absorbed by the mucus membranes of the mouth, which is very important and is part of the healing plan.

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