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Kalium Sulfuricum (No. 6)

Skin Balance / Metabolic

Kali. Sulph (Potassium Sulphate) – K2SO4
The salt for Chronic Inflammations
Often together with Iron, it is contained in the surface cells of the skin and the muscles. It helps to relieve chronic inflammations and chronic skin disorders. It is helpful in slowly healing wounds and for enhancing the healing process of inflammations of the mucous membranes such as throat, conjunctiva and nose.
Where It Works :           
Basic remedy for all skin and liver ailments; when the liver is burdened with toxins; inflammations of all types of mucous membrane (e.g. throat, conjunctiva, stomach, intestine), especially in cases of chronic diseases that follow an insidious course; chronic rhinitis; irregular growth in hair and nails; rheumatic pain which is not localised.

Supports the clinical treatment of serious forms of the mentioned ailments, along with psoriasis, depression and anxiety.
Visual Analysis :           

In General: the skin has a yellowish appearance; there may be a yellowish secretion or discharge, for instance mucous in persistent runny nose; liver spots, age spots and freckles, when they suddenly appear in great numbers, are an indication.

Face: the skin is discoloured brownish-yellow, with brown spots; the eyelids appear brown or yellow; there also may be brownish patches at the mouth, nostrils and forehead.

Tongue: yellowish, with a slimy coating.

Dosage & how to take:           
Infants:one tablet (dissolved into a mash with a small amount of water and applied on the lips) once or twice a day.

Children aged 2 to 8:2 tablet two to three times a day.

Children aged 9 to 13:3 tablet three times a day.

Adults:4 tablets three to four times a day.

Children and adults keep the tablets in the mouth until they have dissolved. This allows the active ingredient to be completely absorbed by the mucus membranes of the mouth, which is very important and is part of the healing plan.

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