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Natrium Phosphoricum (No. 9)

Acid Neutraliser / Deacification Remedy

Natr. Phos (Sodium Phosphate) – Na2HPO4 x 12 H2O
The salt for Acid-base Balance
Sodium Phosphate is a component of the blood cells, the muscles, the nerve and brain cells as well as the tissue fluid. It has a mildly laxative effect and regulates the acid-base-balance and is helpful in the treatment of hyperacidity. It assists the metabolism in general and is indicated in digestive complaints like dyspepsia, flatulence, disorders in digesting fat-rich foods (stomach cramps, obesity) and acid reflux.
Where It Works :           
Against digestive complaints (colic, flatulence) in small children; digestive complaints in adults, after fatty meals; disorders in digesting fat-rich foods (stomach cramps, obesity), sour vomiting, acid reflux, heartburn and general excess acid; gout symptoms at the joints of the extremities (such as the toes); sour-smelling diarrhoea; breathing problems due to asthma; facial acne caused by the metabolism.
Visual Analysis :           

In General: the skin is greasy and blemished; greasy hair; greasy sweat; the patient’s eyeglasses are constantly greasy. The lymph nodes of the underarms and throat may be swollen (soft); in small children, “soapy” stools (they look as though smeared with a white, soapy solution); on the outer ears, small nodules up to pea size, an indication of gout.

Face: fatty shine, as though rubbed with animal fat; greasy sweat.

Tongue: moist, grey-white thick coating; sour or bitter taste.

Dosage & how to take:           
Infants: one tablet (dissolved into a mash with a small amount of water and applied on the lips) once or twice a day.

Children aged 2 to 8: 2 tablet two to three times a day.

Children aged 9 to 13: 3 tablet three times a day.

Adults:4 tablets three to four times a day.

Children and adults keep the tablets in the mouth until they have dissolved. This allows the active ingredient to be completely absorbed by the mucus membranes of the mouth, which is very important and is part of the healing plan.

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