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Natrium Sulfuricum (No. 10)

Water Eliminator / Purification Remedy

Natr. Sulph (Sodium Sulphate) – Na2SO4 x 10 H2O
The salt for excretion
Sodium Sulphate is mainly contained in the tissue fluids, less in the cells. It supports the general detoxification processes and excretion of fluids. It helps to excrete excessive tissue fluids and supports to boost the functioning of the pancreas, as well as intestine, liver, kidneys and gall bladder, by aiding the secretion of digestive juices.
Where It Works :           
Against constipation, diarrhoea (also when yellow-green coloured), difficulty in digesting fat, with a light-coloured stool, flatulence and colic; tissue swelling (oedema), for instance, puffy eyelids or calves; moist skin rashes with small blisters containing yellow-greenish matter, acne, rosacea (adult acne); bedwetting; inflammation associated with colds, accompanied by greenish yellow mucus; rheumatic complaints which worsen in damp, cold weather; a tendency to melancholy (depression); depression following injury to the spine or head.

Supports the clinical treatment of diabetes and St. Anthony’s fire (erysipelas).
Visual Analysis :           

In General: tendency to swelling in tissues (oedema), such as in the legs and eyelids; greenish yellow, also light-coloured, stools.

Face: greenish yellow blotches, inflamed redness, especially on the nose, “drinker’s nose”; the cheeks are reddish blue. The outer corners of the eyes look greenish yellow. The skin generally has a greenish tinge.

Tongue: has a green coating; dirty, not slimy, bitter taste.

Dosage & how to take:           
Infants: one tablet (dissolved into a mash with a small amount of water and applied on the lips) once or twice a day.

Children aged 2 to 8: 2 tablet two to three times a day.

Children aged 9 to 13: 3 tablet three times a day.

Adults: 4 tablets three to four times a day.

Children and adults keep the tablets in the mouth until they have dissolved. This allows the active ingredient to be completely absorbed by the mucus membranes of the mouth, which is very important and is part of the healing plan.

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