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(Biochemic Complex Remedies)

Bioplasgen® No. 26

Homoeopathic Medicine

1 tablet contains: Magnesium phosphoricum 3X 25 mg; Calcium phosphoricum 3X 25 mg; Kalium phosphoricum 3X 25 mg; Calcium fl uoratum 3X 25 mg; Excipients Q.S. to 104 mg.
Traditionally used to support easy childbirth. If taken throughout the entire pregnancy, these tablets will greatly relieve labour pains. They also promote the mother’s general state of health and assist in the development and health of the child. They may also prevent miscarriage.
Side Effects:
None known to date. Please note: Existing complaints may temporarily get worse when homoeopathic medicines are taken (initial aggravation). In such cases, a doctor should be consulted and the medication discontinued if necessary.
Adults: Unless otherwise prescribed, adults should take 4 tablets four times a day at 3-hourly intervals.

Take the Bioplasgen® No. 26 tablets half an hour before or after meals, and preferably allow them to dissolve slowly in the mouth. As soon as an improvement is felt, reduce frequency of use.
Pack Size:
20 g

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