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Alpha Tons

Each tablet of 250 mg contains: Atropinum sulphuricum 3x 12.5 mg, Hepar sulphur 3x 10.0 mg, Kalium bichromicum 3x 50.0 mg, Mercurius biiodatus 8x 25.0 mg, Silicea 2x 5.0 mg


Acute and chronic inflammation of the tonsils.
Acute inflammation of the tonsils is a common painful condition mostly in children which should not be neglected because of the serious complications which sometimes occur like rheumatism and glomerulonephritis.
1) Acute tonsillitis may have the tonsil involved as general inflammation of the pharynx or it may be follicular which is a very common form where the tonsil is red and swollen and becomes filled with pus. It is a very painful condition, pain sometimes extends to the ears. Tonsillitis is abrupt in onset. It starts with sore-throat, difficult swallowing associated with malaise, fever, headache and pain in limbs.
Alpha Tons
2) Chronic tonsillitis may occur in persons who had repeated acute attacks. Tonsils form a part of a ring of lymphoid tissue which is situated in the upper air passages working as first line of defence against infection entering either by respiratory or digestive tracts. The second line of defence consists of cervical glands, which drain it. In chronic conditions the inflammation can spread to surrounding organs.
3) Alpha - Tons takes care of most problems related to tonsillitis.
Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1-2 tablets every hour in acute conditions. As the symptoms improve, 1-2 tablets every 3 hourly. If symptoms do not improve, see your physician.
No contra-indications for the use of Alpha - Tons are known.
Side Effect:
No side effects of Alpha - Tons are known.
No interactions between Alpha - Tons and other products are known.
40 tablets in blister pack of 4x10.

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