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Tussistin Cough Syrup

Homoeopathic Medicine
Each 100ml contains: Antimonium sulphuratum aureum 5x 0.5ml, Bryonia alba 2x, 0.5ml, Drosera rotundifolia 2x 0.5ml, Eucalyptus globulus 2x 0.5ml, Ipecacuanha 3x 0.5ml, Excipients Q.S. to make 100ml Alcohol content 3%v/v


Spasmodic cough, pain due to cough, acute and chronic bronchitis, fever and as an expectorant
Cough is a reflex to keep the throat and airways clear. However, excessive coughing may mean underlying disease or disorder. Cough can be either acute or chronic. Acute cough begins suddenly and usually last no more than 2 to 3 weeks. Acute cough is most often associated with cold or flu. Cough may be dry, loose and spasmodic. Dry cough is due to affections of the throat, laryngitis and bronchitis. Some times it could be of nervous origin. Loose cough is seen in the expectoration stage of bronchitis. Spasmodic cough can be due to allergic disorders or seen in whooping cough. Tussistin Cough Syrup is formulated to cover different types of coughs. The homoeopathic remedies included in the product are proven for its effectiveness in the treatment of cough and pain due to cough. These help liquefaction of tenacious bronchial secretions, promoting expectoration and lowering of fever.
Tussistin Cough Syrup
Clinical Observation Of Tussistin:
Tussistin is successful for many years for cough where the acute narcotic effect of an antitussive-agent is not desired. Corresponding experiments exist in favour of Tussistin. It combines all the other qualities which are required for an antitussive and expectorant with free of side effect. Particularly, this product has proved itself in the bronchitis associated with influenza and cold. It is especially suited in the infants and children.
Unless otherwise prescribed, 1-2 teaspoon 2-3 times daily. ½ teaspoon every 1-3 hours during heavy cough. Children should be given half of the adult dose.
Side Effect:
No side effects of Tussistin Cough Syrup are known.
No contra-indications for the use of Tussistin Cough Syrup are known.
No interactions between Tussistin Cough Syrup and other products are known.
Pack Size:
Bottle of 100ml.

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