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Pioneers Of Homoeopathy

Samuel HAHNEMANN1755-1843

Sanuel Hahnemann, physician and founder of homoeopathy. His cinchon a bark experiment lead to his formulation of the similia principle which became the basis for a completely new approach to medicine.He invented a system of testing the action of medicines , the so - c alled provings . In 1810 he published the Organon , a systematic treatise containing all his detailed instructions an homoeopathy.

Wilhelm Heinrich SCHUESSLER


Schuessler was a German medical dostor in Oldenburg who endeavoured to find natural remedies. and published the results of his experiments in a German homoeopathic journal in March 1873, leading to an influential list of 12 Biochemic tissue or Cell salts that remain popular amongst those interested in Alternative medicine.

James Tyler KENT


Kent™s work came after that of Samuel Hahnemann. he tested, or proved (in the homoeopathy sense) many new remedies not considered by hahnemann, pioneered the use of highly potentized homoeopathic preparation.

Constantine HERING


The father of American homoeopathy, Hering was the first to use nitroglycerine in medicines for headaches and heart problems. His influence extended across the larger part of the USA.



William Boericke was born in Austria. He was co-founder of the pacific Homoeopathic Medical College of san Francisco and Hahnemann Hospital in 1881. In 1901 he published his his homoeopathic Materia Medica.



One of the german Pioneers in homoeopathy , the motive was to set quality standards for the production of homoeopat hic medicines. He developed analytical methods and defined pharmaceutical technicalprocesses, he introduced quality controls and organised the cultivation of his own medical plants.


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