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Most people have heard of biochemistry, but very few know that the term was coined by none other than Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821-1898) over 130 years ago. Schuessler, a practicing physician, took the Greek term “chemistry” and added to it the word “bios” means life and “chemistry” is a branch in natural science that deals with the qualities, composition and the alteration of substances and their combinations. Biochemistry is therefore the “Chemistry of Life”.

Inspired by the work of the Dutch Physiologist Jacob Moleschott (1812-1893) who realised that phosphor is important for the nerve cells and who coined the phrase “without phosphor no thought“ (Cycle of Life 1852) – Today we know the phosphate is a very effective substance for memory disorders. Schuessler confirmed the research results of Moleschott: “A person can only remain healthy as long as he obtains the necessary minerals in the necessary quantity and the correct proportion“ – further stating, “that with Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Ferrum in their compound with Phosphoric acid, Sulfuric acid, and Chloride all illnesses that are curable can be cured with this method.“ It would be more accurate to say, “They help to cure all diseases that can be cured, and in particular they help to regulate constitutional disturbances“.

Schuessler put down the essential features of his therapy in his work entitles “An Abbreviated Therapy”, of which 25 editions have been published in his lifetime.

Biochemic therapy is based on the fact that a living organism contains a number of mineral substances. They are found, both in blood and inside the cells of all organs. However, they are harmoniously balanced and indispensible for both the body structure and the correct course of all functions. Dr. Schuessler established that there are12 essential mineral salts combinations in our body.

Each individual salt exerts certain influences on organ functions. Therefore they are called Biochemic functional remedies. In our body they are found as inorganic components, indispensible for all body functions.

If the balance of the Biochemic minerals is disrupted, due to any influence on the body, no matter whether if supply is in deficit or the removal of waste does not take place, we experience what we call illness. Dr. Schuessler said: “The Biochemic healing method provides the endeavour of natural healing with its missing natural remedies: the inorganic salts.” The foundation of the Biochemic healing method is: “missing should be replace by the missing”.

The simple logic of Schuessler's theory (proven by the Biologist Guenther Stahlkopf in 1972) is:

1. The human body contains twelve essential mineral (tissue) salts, a correct balance of which must be maintained in order to ensure normal cell function and the maintenance of good health.

2. Any disruption to this balance – and we have a situation we call “illness“.

3. A normal balance of these vital mineral salts can be re-established with the administration of the deficient mineral in a readily assimilated form, which passes rapidly into the bloodstream and therefore the cells.

Dr. Schuessler died in Oldenburg on the 30th March 1898 at the age of 76; however the story of this eminent Doctor, dedicated researcher and the Mineral Therapies did not end there ... it had just begun! ... his work continues throughout Europe and many other countries of the world.

It is common knowledge today that inorganic salts and trace elements play an important role in staying healthy and that a healthy diet is essential to a healthy body. More & more people are turning to the Biochemic method of healing. It is a simple treatment that is easy for people to understand, and it is quite inexpensive. Today Biochemic remedies are easily available at all Homoeopathic & Medical Stores in tablet form and ointments


We recommend that when purchasing the salts, you should keep to Dr. Schuessler’s specifications. In the majority of cases in his extensive investigations he prescribed the sixth decimal potency (6X) as the standard (i.e. the most appropriate) potency. Only the salts Calc. Fluor (No 1), Ferr. Phos (No 3) and Silica (No11) are applied in the twelfth potency (12X).

Dosage & how to take:

Infants: one tablet (dissolved into a mash with a small amount of water and applied on the lips) once or twice a day

Children aged 2 to 8: 2 tablet two to three times a day.

Children aged 9 to 13: 3 tablet three times a day.

Adults: 4 tablets three to four times a day.

Children and adults keep the tablets in the mouth until they have dissolved. This allows the active ingredient to be completely absorbed by the mucus membranes of the mouth, which is very important and is part of the healing plan.