Schwabe Germany Bioplasgen Products

Besides the classical biochemic treatment with single remedies there is also the option to use biochemic complex remedies such as the Bioplasgen. The development of biochemic combinations started quite soon after Schuessler had published his works “An abbreviated therapy”, in 1874.

The Schwabe group got involved in the development of the combinations more than 80 years ago: In 1922, Dr. Konrad Grams published his theory on biochemic complex remedies. Then, production of those complex remedies (Bioplasgen) started in 1923 within the Schwabe group, as it is known today.

The Bioplasgen are a combination of several single Dr. Schuessler Salts with a holistic setting to harmonize the disturbances in the distribution and compensated for mal-absorption of minerals. Therapy with Bioplasgen allows a broader approach in the treatment of symptoms both for the qualified therapists and the patient.

For each combination of single minerals salts into a complex remedy all organs or body functions involved in the symptom picture were considered.

The ingestion of Dr. Schuessler Salts stimulates the body to improve the absorption of the lacking minerals from ingested food and helps to reorganise disturbances in distribution of them in the tissues. They help to harmonize a disturbed molecular motion and imbalance of these minerals in the cells and thus stimulate and regulate metabolic processes in the body.

The combined Dr. Schuessler Salts, or Bioplasgen, are perfectly complementary and cover a broader symptom spectrum than the individual salt therefore, they are an easy-to-use alternative for both the therapist and the patient if observed symptoms are rather vague. They allow a more convenient treatment compared to using several single salts, thus enhancing compliance.

The 28 Bioplasgen are available as tablets. They are useful for a wide range of conditions such as skin complaints, gastro-intestinal trouble, cardiovascular conditions, diseases of the respiratory tract, viral infections, neurological complaints etc. covering symptoms out of various medical fields such as dermatology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, cardiology (cardiovascular complaints) and circulation diseases, otolaryngology, neurology, orthopaedics, rheumatology, urology and paediatrics.