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Halicar® Salbe N / Creme

Homoeopathic Medicine
For Eczema and neurodermatitis
Active substance:
Cardiospermum mother tincture

Halicar® Salbe N or Creme (ointment / cream) are very helpful medicines for the treatment of inflammatory and itching skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, allergic skin reactions or eczema induced by allergy-prone situations in the professional environment. It soothes itching within short time after application. Halicar® reduces reddening and swellings of the skin, inflammations subside. Thickened skin and eczema-like scales, typical for inflammations, also subside.

Depending on the condition of the skin, choose either cream or ointment. The cream is to be preferred for inflammatory conditions, while the ointment is recommended for the treatment of dry skin.


The indications derive from the homeopathic drug picture. They include inflammation of the skin with itching, such as eczema, neurodermatitis (endogenous eczema).

In case of severe inflammations of the skin, purulent skin or fever, or if conditions persist, are unclear or new, consult a doctor since diseases requiring medical clarification might be involved.


If not directed otherwise, the typical dose is:

Apply Halicar® Salbe N/Cream 3 times a day onto the affected areas of the skin.

Apply a thin layer of Halicar® Salbe N/Cream and massage it gently into the skin.


For information on precautions for use and side effects see the package leaflet or contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Pack Size:

50 g

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