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Phytolacca Berry Schwabe ®

Homoeopathic Medicine
For Weight control
1 tablet contains: Phytolacca 4X 250 mg; Excipients Q.S. to 260 mg.
Traditionally used for individual weight control.

Highly important for loosing your weight is the right diet. Please check and change your diet, for this please reduce sugar (also in tea and drinks!) and sweets as much as you can, or better cancel sugar and sweets completely from your diet, please also considerably reduce white flour products like bread, noodles, also sweets etc. Instead of them please eat more vegetables and fruits. Please also considerably reduce the amount of food for dinner, it is very important to eat less for dinner, if you want to loose weight. Try not to eat sugar and white flour products like bread for dinner. Do it continuously for many months. Then, combined with Phytolacca Berry Schwabe, the result will be very fast and efficient.
Adults: Unless otherwise prescribed, adults should take 1 to 2 tablets three times a day.
Children: Unless otherwise prescribed, children should receive no more than 1 tablet three times a day.

Take the Phytolacca Berry Tablet ® N tablets half an hour before or after meals, and preferably allow them to dissolve slowly in the mouth. As soon as an improvement is felt, reduce frequency of use.
For further information and instructions please read the package leaflet.
This medicine contains lactose and wheat starch.

This is a pharmaceutical product: Keep out of reach of children!
Pack Size:
80 Tablets

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